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Obtaining Permission to Reuse Seattle Times Material

Basic Premise of Copyright Law
You must have written consent to reproduce, retransmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast or circulate the contents owned by The Seattle Times.
All requests to reuse content must be in writing. If you wish to use our content in any way (listed below or not), start by submitting a Permissions and Licensing Request form.

Personal use
Making up to 10 copies of an article for personal use falls under "fair use," and you do not need permission. You must reprint the article in its entirety with no modifications, and include the date and copyright notice (Copyright © 2016 The Seattle Times). You must get permission to reproduce and distribute or to use content for anything other than personal use.

Digital use
You may re-post a headline and short paragraph on your website or social media site as long as it links back to the original article on You may embed video on your site as long as you use the embed code to do so. If you need raw video or excerpts of video, please submit a Permissions and Licensing Request form.

You may not directly post any photographs or complete articles in any digital media without prior consent from The Seattle Times.

Film and Broadcast
If you wish to use The Seattle Times newspaper, property or content in any way in a video, film, television program or other production, you must submit a Permissions & Licensing request form.

Seattle Times photographs are protected by copyright and may not be duplicated, published in any form or used for public display without express permission and authorization. Unauthorized use is a violation of federal copyright law.

Personal use: The Seattle Times sells prints of staff-produced photographs that have appeared in our newspaper or on our websites. We are not able to offer copies of unpublished photographs, nor can we offer photographs from wire services (such as The Associated Press) and elsewhere. Visit our photo store to purchase photo prints and gifts.

To request use of a photograph please submit a Permissions & Licensing request form.

Permission and Resale Department
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